Friday, 22 September 2017

My orange blocks are done...

I have had a slow week but have done a little bit of sewing... I've been busy finishing my log cabins...
Here they are all trimmed to 10.5"...

And now for the finished block, that measures 20.5", with the other colours I have had done for a while.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Getting ready for the show

Our local quilt group is getting ready for their show... Raffle tickets are bought. Fingers crossed for someone I know to be the winner of this lovely quilt.... Hunters star is a great pattern.

Sarah has got a special project happening but it's a secret. I am sending her some scraps to give a bit of variety. These are in the post..

If you are into making bags go over to Vale and have a look at the link us. It's bag week.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

And now for the next ORANGE curved log cabin block.

Wow,,, I cant believe I started this block design back in 2015 and am only doing some more about it now.   Anyway here is what I am playing with on this lovely Scrap Happy Saturday.
Remember I started these last week...
 All the scraps thrown on the floor until I'm finished..
 My log cabins are growing

Oops, I went to cut them  to size @ 10.5" but when I put the ruler on them I realised I still needed to add another round.
I have been unwell again this weekend so the finish is not going to happen for a few more days...

So I'll just have to read along with those that did sew this weekend 
Link up time with Angela...

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mums crochet blanket is finished

I have been doing a little bit of crochet too.
I started this back in June when I found these pieces already Knitted in one of mums scrap bags of unfinished projects. I dragged them out.......

Now look at it. Yes, a bit wonky but with washing and use I'm sure it will be fine..

And here is my work lunch time crochet done... 40" x 48"

These are added to a charity box...

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Our group has been doing some charity sewing...
There was a group of 7 or 8 of us the other night. We got the kids fabric out. Started cutting, sewing and ironing... There were so many different fabrics we decided to cut them into 6.5" squares and just make I spy quilts.

Then on the following Saturday about 6 of us got together and finished 14 tops..

The girls ones are already webbed together..

 Spreading all the strips out to get the fabrics mixed up.

 Strips are made and now to be sewn..

We have bought polar fleece to go as the backing. These will be put together "bagging" style as it is quick and no binding is needed. A small amount of quilting will be done. 

We are making these and passing them on to the police department. They then get given to all the children as they are removed from their homes, for so many reasons, and put into foster homes. They will have their own cuddle blanket.. They measure about 42" wide and between 48-56" long.

With other ones donated I think we have about 20 to hand over...

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Hurricanes & fires

While others are waiting for Hurricanes to hit & fires are burning my sewing room looks like a hurricane has hit.
The start of Orange. I need some ideas for our group to make for Kris Kringle. I thought a coathanger is always useful. This will be going to the next meeting.

Today is Scrap happy Saturday with Angela... and it's time to work with ORANGE....
So for an easy block I thought I would do another one of Joanne's BUTTERFLY blocks.
I tipped out my box of orange fabrics. The colour of the month over at Angela's and set to work..

What a cute butterfly

 The start of the next project
I'm linking up here so go have a browse and see some fun sewing happening.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Happy mail...

I have had some helpers make beanies for premmies,
Thanks to Jenny from....
For making and sending me these tiny and cute ones...
You are very kind to think of others.
In between your holidays too..

My lovely friend Sue has recently had a trip to England. 
She was so sweet to think of me while she was there and brought me home a lovely gift.

A beautiful fat quarter. (I'll use that in my Dear Jane), 
a pencil with a lovely topper 
and of course a sharpener.
They will be treasured.
Thanks Sue, my dear friend...

Monday, 4 September 2017

Sunraysia Patchwork Friends

This year it is time to have a quilt show.
Some clever ladies have used donated blocks and put their thinking caps on..
It is time to advertise and what better way than to show off what we do...
They sewed all these blocks together and made a car cover.

We were allowed to put the car in the shopping centre for a few days so we could sell raffle tickets.
You can see the Hunters Star quilt on the front of the car.
Let's hope we get a good turn out for our show and we sell lots of tickets...

Saturday, 2 September 2017

September is the start of spring.

It's time for the weather to improve, open the doors and windows and air out the house. 
It's alway better when the sun is shining.
I have been working on my movie challenge.
Here it is as each month has been finished. I have had a rough plan but it's time to act.

Of course my plan has changed and this is what I have ended up with.
All sewn together. A few adjustments were made but it is looking good.

Now to add the last months design.
Mmmm... still working on that.

Romance... Return to Sender... Ellis Presley 
Musical...... Wizard of Oz
Significant year to me..... 1964.... Mary Poppins.
Actor/actress..... Judy Garland.. a bit criptic so I did Xmas Garland.
Australian movie.... Picnic at Hanging Rock
Planes, trains and automobiles..... Herbie
Disney..... Aristocats... 
Animal (character).... I'm confirming if it is a real animal like Lassie or National Velvet or if it's animated character like  Bambie, babe, Winnie the Pooh, lion king..

I am also linking up over at Cheryll's for FNWF

So go have a read with what's happening in cyber space..

Thursday, 31 August 2017

My lunch time space

With a bit of cold weather around and being a little bit tired I am sitting inside during my lunch breaks. Of course it is relaxing and has to be comfortable...

How cool is this.....

Relaxing in a massage chair, watching Elllen on Tv and with the heater on it is very comfortable.
The hardest part is going back to work.
I usually set my alarm on my phone. I am known to have a bit of a nana nap.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Halloween & Christmas

I went into Spotlight to see if there were any bargains this week. No sorry, out of luck this time..
But what I did see was the decorations for Halloween..
They are so much fun..

Oh my word. 
We haven't even got over Father's Day and there are Christmas gifts already on display and for sale.

I think it is too far away to be seeing these now.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Slow day stitching while I sit dog watching

While my hubby has been away with my brother I have been puppy sitting.
Gus has been a great companion. He doesn't like being put outside at 7 in the mornings for me to go to work. So when I get home he enjoys a play, going for a walk then home to a warm bed inside.

So while I have had his company I have been slow stitching.
Still working on the binding and getting some quilting done.
I have it sitting beside my chair for when I sit down..
Can you see Gus in the background in his basket..

I am linking up with Kathy for
Slow Sunday stitching

Friday, 25 August 2017

Another instalment of Dear Jane and I have caught up..

Yes, that's right... I have caught up....
Here are the Dear Jane blocks for 
July... K6, H5, C12 & B2

August... K2, L2, M1 & M8

Somehow I have managed to have an extra number on my list. 
Therefore you can say I am now ahead of schedule.
Here is G11 with the appliqué finished.

Like I have said before. I am not trimming these blocks until I have quilted them.
I have decided to do QAYG.
 I won't receive the numbers of the next 4 until mid September. 
I am so happy. I get a gold star now..

Hubby is due home tomorrow...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Dear Jane sewing

After getting stuck in and making a mess in my sewing room here are the next 2 months of Dear Jane blocks...
May... B6, G2, J3 & M2

June.... L11, J9, D13 & F4

Monday, 21 August 2017

I actually cooked.

My hubby has been away and I am still catching up on my rest. At least I am back to eating. 
I cooked myself Roast Pork for the first time ever. My hubby can't eat pork so it is something I enjoy when I am out. Not today, I cooked my own. It was yummy.
I love the crackle and it cooked up so crisp.

A feast for me.. and there is plenty there for another two nights so I don't have to cook. Win Win....

Sarah this is for you. Yep, I went to the library and have spent the weekend listening to this. I really enjoyed the story while I sewed away.

Working my way through the list to catch up...

Saturday, 19 August 2017

I'm back to sewing.

Thanks to all my friends checking up on me.
I was back at work this week and am totally exhausted.
I'd come home, take my brothers dog for a walk, eat tea, sit for a while then bed.
I am dog sitting for 2 weeks while my brother and hubby are away 4 wheel driving/camping through the Simpson Desert.

Friday night saw me finish off a few Dear Jane blocks that needed some hand appliqué.
The blocks for March were... F6, G10, A12 & D3.
Aprils blocks are I4, L7, K13 & B9.

I have decided not to trim them back to the 5". I think I am going to do QAYG and join them with the 1/2" sashings. This might help me to get it done. 

I have fallen behind but I am catching up...

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I've been feeling under the weather....

For the past week I have been dressed in my pjs. Not eating much and drinking only water. I have been feeling terrible. Yep, the dreaded flu... Time to rest.. The only thing is I haven't even had the energy to sew until today... I finished hand quilting the border on my very special scrap quilt made by my friend, Sue... 
I am doing this back to front. Yes, that means I started quilting the centre to see the design then I moved on to the border. Now the border is finished I have trimmed it and on goes the binding to protect the edge.  Then I can do the centre at any time..
I sewed around the whole quilt and look how much is left. I have made diagonal seams when joining the strips but I am not worrying about here. This last seam is going to be straight. I'm not adding in extra. It's staying like this... I'm happy. 

Here is the binding all machined on ready for turning. I used different leftover strips for the binding.
 I think it matches well.

 I am liking the way it is looking with the binding stitched down.